Providing Diagnostic Solutions to Long-Term Care Communities

Brookside Clinical Laboratory is a leader in providing exceptional laboratory services to Long-Term Care Communities and their residents. We deliver accurate and comprehensive test results with outstanding turnaround times to give you a complete understanding of the physical health of the residents in your care. Brookside Lab is your trusted partner.


Long-Term Care & Assisted Living

Superior clinical laboratory services for your residents delivered with precision and integrity.

Turnaround Times

Results typically available within 24 hours, with STAT orders our first priority.


No need to make an appointment or wait in long lines.

Convenient & Accessible Location

Our laboratory is conveniently located just minutes off the I-95 corridor in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Identify the Best Care for Your Residents with Diagnostic Testing

Laboratory test results are a crucial component of diagnosing your residents. While in most cases test results confirm a suspected medical condition, occasionally results may be used to rule out a specific condition.

View Same-Day Test Results Online

Results are typically available the same day the specimen is submitted to the lab for testing. You may elect to receive test results via automated facsimile or by EMR delivery. For your convenience, results may also be viewed using our results portal.

Tests and Results Available 7 Days Per Week

Brookside Clinical Laboratory offers diagnostic testing seven days per week for your residents. Explore our test directory to discover the different types of tests we offer. Contact one of our specialists for more in-depth information about our diagnostic testing services.

Comprehensive Laboratory Divisions at One Location

Our lab, conveniently located in Aston, Pennsylvania, houses comprehensive laboratory divisions all in one location. At our on-site PCR division, we offer Covid testing, Urine-UTI Testing with Antibiotic Resistance Markers, and a Respiratory Panel designed to detect an infection caused by COVID-19, Influenza A, Influenza B, and both types of RSV.

Mobile Phlebotomists Come to You

Our skilled mobile phlebotomists come to your Long-Term Care Community on pre-scheduled days to draw blood for diagnostic testing at our laboratory.