PCR & COVID-19 Testing

PCR tests are some of the most accurate ways to detect the presence of a virus. If your residents need one of these tests, contact Brookside Clinical Lab, and we can provide the necessary materials for specimen collection. We offer services seven days per week to our Long-Term and Senior Care Community partners and their residents.

PCR Testing Helps Improve Patient Outcomes

You can prevent the spread of illnesses and improve patient outcomes with PCR testing. This kind of comprehensive testing increases the chances of selecting the appropriate treatment from 30 percent to 99.9 percent. It can also decrease unnecessary hospital visits and prevent the spread of many illnesses.

Respiratory Panels Test for 5 Viruses With a Single Swab

Our complete Respiratory Panel checks for Influenza A, Influenza B, RSV 1, RSV 2, Strep, and COVID-19 using a single swab. This can greatly enhance the comfort of your Residents and provide you with diagnostically meaningful results sooner, so you can provide effective, targeted treatment.

Results Delivered Within 24 Hours

We’re able to provide results for our Respiratory Panel within 24 hours from the time it is received in the lab. This is significant in the case of a positive flu or COVID-19 result. Having results within 24 hours will allow treatment to be delivered as recommended by the CDC to help prevent a potential community outbreak.

PCR Assay UTI Panels Enable More Targeted Treatments

Studies show that PCR-based molecular tests are often quicker and more accurate at detecting pathogens and identifying bacteria compared with traditional urine cultures. We offer an accurate and comprehensive PCR assay that can detect an array of UTI pathogens.

We also provide selective antimicrobial resistance profiles that can enable you to provide more targeted treatment to your residents. With PCR test results and resident-specific profiles, you can deliver more targeted treatments to each of your residents, while helping prevent the growth of antibiotic resistance.

Accredited Laboratory Technologists Use State-of-the-art Instrumentation

At our on-site PCR department, we have a fully staffed team of accredited Laboratory Supervisors and Technologists across all divisions. We use the most accurate and effective instrumentation to ensure you receive diagnostically meaningful results every time.

HIPAA-Compliant Laboratory Information System Keeps Resident Information Secure

Our web-based Laboratory Information System is HIPAA-compliant to ensure the protection of all Resident information. You can conveniently view your Residents’ test results via an automated facsimile, by EMR delivery, or through our web-based results portal.